“You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Does it ring a bell? Ever since its launch over six years ago, the Snickers campaign has been one of the best marketing campaign in snack advertising.

The campaign has been so successful that it even won awards at large events such as Cannes Lion, The One Show and even the Emmys! But how did this campaign become unforgettable? In the first year of using the campaign, the global sales of Snickers increased by 15.9%. Its market share grew in 56 of 58 active markets which shows the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Before this Snickers campaign was launched, other chocolate brands were growing at a rapid speed while Snickers was staying behind. Therefore, they needed a new and fresh marketing concept to increase their sales and chase their competitors. Engagement and commitment were needed, as well as more creativity. From these opportunities, their marketeers created “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

A snack is often not something people are not loyal to because they do not enjoy it or because of disliking the brand. You buy the first snack you can think of. Which means brand awareness is very important in this industry. To achieve top of mind awareness, Snickers needed to be noticed and remembered.

The key to this success in the Snickers Campaign was the right slogan, a relatable truth of feeling odd when being hungry and a creative expression of the concept. Their commercials have included celebrities, always have a sense of humor and are very relatable. Even jokes were made about well known sayings being different because the person is hungry. That is why we remember the brand and why we think of Snickers when we are in for a treat.

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