You might have heard of the yodel kid paving his way to fame through a simple video recorded in Walmart that went viral. Walmart used this in the best way ever by throwing this kid a concert at his local Walmart, creating a lot of brand awareness for the company. You might have also seen it before: a meme is picked up by a big company and it got thousands of impressions, likes, and retweets on Twitter. Again, amazing for the company being in the spotlight.

Internet culture is everywhere nowadays: your friends show you the latest trending video, your vocabulary got a few extra words in it or you occasionally find yourself in the train scrolling through the newest memes.


Internet culture, ring a bell?


If not, don’t worry. We got plenty of articles coming your way on Your Viral Culture where we would like to take you deeper into this entertaining side of the internet and tell you how companies are using this online culture for their own good.

Welcome to Your Viral Culture, where we are going to take you into the world of both internet culture. We want to  give you interesting insights on the great use of it by companies for their marketing and brand image purposes. You can tune in at least two times a week on our blog for a new article, and we would like to see you on our Facebook and Instagram as well.

We are five media students who are extremely looking forward to bringing you the most fun and interesting articles! Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for the newest articles on our blog at Your Viral Culture!

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