Okay, are you ready…  We dived into the Shane Dawson hype and everything around it. Luckily the Internet is full of videos and opinions about the famous Youtuber. We are most curious about, why is his documentary series so extremely popular?

First, a bit history about his investigative documentaries Shane followed, Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau and at this moment Jake Paul, the series are the hot topic for weeks, just a view days ago the series was watched 137 million times when you are reading this article it will probably be around 200 million.

Experts say that Dawson created an entirely new genre of video on YouTube that in a twisted way makes YouTube feel fresh again. A new era of entertainment, and kicking off a trend that everyone will soon be replicating.

Shane Dawson is making a lot of money with his series. It is extremely attractive for brands because they know the series will go viral as it has been doing for weeks. If Shane would create this series on Netflix or TV he would have to share his profit, now he can keep all the profit. It could even set a trend, with other vloggers to replicate what Shane is doing.

Shane invented a new way of the Collab system. When you are a regular YouTube visitor, you have probably seen Youtubers mentioning other Youtubers. Most of the time they do this by putting the name in the title or create a video with another YouTuber. Shane created a new way of collabs, he is using the Youtubers name for a longer period of time, and the search and trending algorithm picks it up. Not only Shane is making the profit from this sort of collab, but also the YouTuber that is mentioned. More traffic is generated towards Jake Paul’s channel, but also fans from Jake Paul are going to Shane’s channel. It is actually a win-win situation.

What is your opinion about the Shane Dawson Documentary series so far? Do you think true fans hate the way Shane Dawson is “exposing” Jake Paul? Or do you think he will get his redemption arc? And how do you think this influences the future of YouTube collaborations? Let us know in the comments below!







Mathijs · 11 October 2018 at 15:15

It is quite interesting to see this development – the mentioning of other YouTubers for longer periods of time – , as it looks like the ‘evolved’ form of link building, wouldn’t you say?

As for the whole documentary series…wouldn’t you say this is a great marketing move to jump in on the latest trends in order to keep being relevant?

Elise van Poppel · 12 October 2018 at 12:17

Hi Mathijs! Yes for sure, it is an entirely new way of collaboration, also a very smart one! The nice thing is that, both YouTubers profit from this kind of collaboration.

We are very curious about the future of YouTube, what Shane did can mean a whole new way of creating YouTube videos! Hopefully, others will follow and indeed jump in on this trend, it would be a missed opportunity if they don’t go with this way of using YouTube!

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