Writing articles about everything related to viral marketing and internet culture, that is what we do! However, do you know what exactly viral marketing is?

According to TechTarget, viral marketing consists of marketing techniques that encourage users to pass on a message related to the marketing of a company. Due to users sharing the content, it creates a large growth regarding the visibility of the message. This will then lead to more impressions and a better brand awareness. To give a better illustration of what it actually entitles, we will show you the best examples!

Burger King

A great example of a successful viral marketing campaign is from Burger King. They released a campaign for their chicken sandwiches in which a man was dressed in a chicken suit. This man did whatever you asked him to do and it went viral! A day after the campaign had launched, the chicken man had already gotten commands from over one million people.

The Dark Knight

When looking at more media related examples, we discovered that a viral marketing campaign has been done for the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’. This campaign was all about engagement. It was a transmedia campaign in which the user found themselves in Gotham city through different platforms. Because of its huge success, the campaign even won a Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix award.


Recently, we posted a blog about the game Fortnite. To promote it, a viral marketing campaign is currently going on. Within the battle royal game, you come across different items. Now, these items are actually turning up in real life! The Fortnite twitter account posts pictures of the items, and because of this, followers that come across these strange objects talk about through social media. Fortnite is one of the most popular games at the moment and its marketing sure is on point as well.

Therefore, we can conclude that within a viral marketing campaign, the consumer is as important, if not more important, than the company spreading the message. Without your consumers, you cannot go viral. This type of marketing is known for creating buzz around your product or brand.


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