WOW, that are the right words to describe the latest Tommy Hilfiger campaign. Tommy Hilfiger created a new clothing line focussing on the accessibility for people with a disability. The campaign is called “Independence” for their accessible clothing line, “Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive”.

The fashion industry is slowly changing, more brands have bigger sizes and sometimes you see a glimpse of a plus-size model on the catwalk. But not all the big fashion brands are following the trend of more diversity. By giving people “the perfect picture” brands give the wrong message to the general public. Young children are aiming for the model look and do not accept their own looks and body.

So that needs to change, it is 2018 and time to show some diversity! Tommy Hilfiger is definitely on the right track. With their Independence campaign, they show how independent people with a disability are. For one of five Americans living with a disability putting their clothes on can be a challenge. Tommy Hilfiger got inspired by these stories and wanted to provide a solution to make dressing up easier. The clothes are made easier to put on by using magnets and velcro.

“The democratization of fashion is one of the core values the brand was founded on,” said Tommy Hilfiger, founder and principal designer of Hilfiger. “The Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive collection continues to build on that vision of inclusivity, transforming the way the fashion industry defines diversity by serving to the needs of people with disabilities.”

In this campaign, Tommy Hilfiger shows the new collection but also shows portraits of strong people with a disability. The campaign stars Dmitry Kim who is a dancer, Gavin Mchugh a surfer with cerebral palsy,Mia Armstrong a 6 year old girl with the Down’s Syndrome, Hailey Villarreal an actress with cerebral palsy, Hunter Brown an very good opera singer with autism, Jacob Santiago a skateboarder who is visually impaired; and Miracle Pelayo, an actress with cerebral palsy.

This video already has more than 200.000 views on Youtube! What do you think of this campaign? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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