RyanAir Viral Video of Racist Passenger 

A big mass on social media and me included were in shock when the video showing an older white man hurling racial slurs at a black woman surfaced and spread across the internet. The video shows the inhuman behaviour of a RyanAir passenger towards another passenger.

People have turned to social media to spread their anger and disbelief about the racist and inhuman act shown in the video. Since the video went viral, it got over a million views and fed-up people voice their opinion on how RyanAir handled the situation completely the wrong way, it just was a complete miss.

Since the incident took place on Spanish soil, the plane had not taken off yet, there is a chance the racist passenger might not get legally punished for this, according to the Mirror UK.

Meanwhile, RyanAir has told the BBC, they will ban disruptive or abusive behaviour from their flights by banning these passengers from travel in the future. To read more about the incident, more info on Auto Evolution.

Power of Social Media

This is where it’s important to look at the power of social media, especially Twitter in this case. Think 30 years back, a situation like the one in the video might have happened and not all these millions of people would have seen the video. It is a big possibility, RyanAir could have covered up what happened and not have changed anything in their protocol.

In this online globalized and socially connected world, information travels fast and practically anyone can be found. That’s when looking into this viral video made me realize, the power of social media can be used for justice in this case. Another event, where justice was eventually served, that came to mind when I was reading about the video incident as well, was how after the alt-right Charlottesville rally, Twitter vigilante @YesYoureRacist, started exposing the participants of this Unite The Right Rally.

In an interview with CNN, “Yes, You’re Racist” founder Logan Smith, who likened the photos that flooded Twitter with images from 1930s Germany, stated, “These people, they’re not hiding anymore, they’re not wearing hoods anymore. If they’re really so proud of their white supremacist belief, then I think that their communities should know who these people are.”


The Line With Privacy

Where we can all agree, we want justice to be served and we can morally agree racist, sexist and other hate-fuelled acts are wrong and should be punished, it is important to recognize the danger to anyone through trial by social media. It often happens, full names, addresses and more personal information about the exposed people surface online after big incidents of racist/sexist or any wrongful behaviour.

Though, in 2013 after the Boston Marathon bombings, when people went on Reddit puzzling evidence together which identified someone who turned out to be innocent. It’s cases like that, that remind us to seek justice but to be careful when doing so.

It is important the recognize the good power of standing together against hate speech through social media and how this could help to hopefully better the world and do good.

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