Didga the skateboarding cat GoPro Campaign

Social media marketing today is incredibly important. From memes, to internet slang to virals, it’s all influencing all kinds of areas in the marketing. They are creating a lot of new insight and room for creativity for marketing campaigns. Today all the catlovers will be very happy with this blogpost. Because we are going to talk about cat video’s.

They jump around, they are clumsy or just super adorable. Cat video’s are incredibly popular on the internet. But let’s be honest who doesn’t love to record their own pet when it’s being funny? We are obsessed, there are 3.8 million photo’s and video’s shared of cats everyday! There are cat video festivals and cat video museum exhibits. Ok, it’s clear. Cat video’s are going viral and are a big part of nowadays internet culture.

Digda Gopro Campaign

GoPro was smart enough to use this trend in their campaign for the GoPro Hero 4. Didga the Skateboarding Cat was incredibly popular. On youtube they have 4 million views and on Instagram the video got more than 250.000 likes. Didga is living his 9 lives to the fullest is the popular video. He is skateboarding with his owners is Australia. He is very talented as well, in de video you can see him doing some tricks. With this GoPro campaign, they brought two types of groups together, their target audience and the cat video lover audience. The owner and cat trainer of Didga called CatManToo on Instagram and youtube said that all the footage was recorded with the GoPro and that the process and editing took nearly a year. But with great results! The campaign planted a great idea in the audience’s head. “if I had a GoPro I would do something like this too”.

Haven’t seen Didga’s skateboard tricks yet? Check it out:

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Cagri · 28 September 2018 at 10:19

I think it is a great idea to use the most popular content of all times on YouTube. But don’t you also think it is too much of the same as skateboarding dog video which was viral years ago? Do you think GoPro is just being a copy cat or did the audience demographics changed and they do not even remember those dog videos or is it really an original idea to create this viral with the cat videos?

    Meiya Sweep · 29 September 2018 at 13:51

    Thank you for your comment Cagri!

    It was CatManToo who is a cat trainer, who originally just recorded Didga with the Go Pro. Later CatManToo and Go Pro worked together and implemented the video’s in the Go Pro campaign. I think because cats are harder to train than dogs viewers don’t expect a cat doing tricks on a skateboard. Go Pro was smart to use this cat rather than dogs because there are actually a lot more video’s of dogs skateboarding, also Didga has become some sort of “internet personality” now that people engaged with. But funny animal video’s are very popular recently, so it was a good move, in general, to implement this hype in their marketing campaign because they automatically also target regular people on the internet who are initially not even interested in buying a Go Pro.

    Hope this cleared things up for you!

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