It is almost the end of the year, and while we already counted down the best virals and memes of 2018 last week, we want to highlight our favorite campaigns or viral marketing stunts of 2018 in a separate blog post. These campaigns stood out to us by either going immensely viral, being very funny or just a very good idea. See a campaign that you missed you’d like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments!


John Lewis & Partners + Waitrose & Partners Ad

Not only was this ad very topical with the release of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” coming up later in November, it is also a very fun ad to watch. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody?


Alexa Loses her Voice

Back in January, you might have came across this amazing ad by Amazon. This Super Bowl Ad was going viral, not only for its use of so many celebrities, but also it was very creative in it’s ad. The video was talked about for weeks after the Super Bowl!


TidePod Challenge Controversy

In 2018 there were still a few challenges that went viral across the world. One of which is the infamous TidePod challenge, where kids were challenged to eat a TidePod. Of course, eating laundry detergent is not only disgusting, it is also a major health issue. Therefore Tide put out a TidePod video to ask people NOT to eat the TidePods. This went viral and got a lot of buzz on Twitter. We put it in our list since it was an iconic moment in viral advertising.


Flex Tape

If you follow our blog for a while, you may recognize the brand name Flex Tape. We’ve written a blog about Flex Tape on the subject a few months ago, but we still like the idea of the video. Besides, JonTron – one of many creators who made a video on the Flex Tape in the first place – worked together with the real Phil Swift to make another Flex Tape video.

Our favorite commercial of the bunch: Flex Tape Clear!


SpaceX take Tesla in Space

Speaking of viral marketing, another video blew up this year. Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent a Tesla into space, bringing Tesla to literal new heights. People talked about this stunt for a good while after it happened, making it a legendary moment in our campaign list.


Spotify Billboards

In another blogpost, we talked about the Spotify Campaign of this year. While Spotify is still growing and growing, they went for a more different approach of advertising this year. Using their statistics of their databases, they managed to get a few unique offers in their Billboards. One of which was for instance the ad below or “Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their ‘I Love Gingers’ playlist.”

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