Memes have become incredibly important in our current digital environment. But what makes them so special? They have become a way of communicating feelings, attitudes and situations. they are usually very relatable and funny. Therefore, Memes have the ability to create more engagement online. No wonder that more and more businesses are making use of meme marketing. But the year is almost over! 2018 has been good to the internet and our daily cravings for funny videos and memes. We gathered the best memes and virals from 2018 for you in one article and their backstories!

1. Yodel kid

Mason Ramsey all stole our hearts when he went viral yodelling in Walmart. Mason gave a brilliant performance at Coachella and signed a record deal and even released a single already.

2. Yanny/Laurel

It’s called the audio version of “the dress”. What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel?
After the audio recording was posted on twitter it went viral. 53% heard Laurel and 47% heard Yanny.
How is it possible that people hear one or the other or sometimes both? well… long story short, it depends on the frequencies. If you hear Laurel you pick up on the lower frequencies and if you hear Yanny you pick up on the higher frequencies.
In the end, it turned out that the original recording says Laurel.

3. Michaela Coel picture from Black Mirror

Michaela Coel Meme

When the latest season of Black Mirror was released the internet was flushed with memes of Michaela Coel. In the Episode USS Callister, a new meme was born.

4. Furiously typing meme

Furiously Typing
we all know this GIF right?
Jary Versace, a famous Viner and youtuber initiated the “furious typing” gifs.

5. Cardi B sassy childhood photo meme

Cardi B sassy meme
The 5-year-old Cardi B went viral when a childhood photo was posted on the internet. The singer is looking in the camera with her hand on her hips and slightly smiling.
of course, the internet started being creative and in no time people were posting the picture with various different captions. See below the many different versions!

Captions Cardi B sassy meme
6. Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Shushing her parents
The little girl is definitely the definition of sass. The daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z became the new meme that took over the internet when she shushed her parents during the Grammy awards. Blue Ivy is literally the only person who can get away with this sass towards the Queen B and Jay-Z.

7. The in my feelings challenge

We have all seen this challenge going viral this year. We also have seen this challenge causing many accidents this year.
But where did it all begin? Theshiggyshow, a comedian on Instagram posted a video of himself dancing to the In My Feelings song by Drake. Since that original video was posted it spread all of the internet. Also, celebrities like Will Smith and Sterling K. Brown even started doing the In My Feelings challenge.

8. BTS interview

The K-Pop group became incredibly popular this year and they are touring all over the world now. But how well are they at speaking in English? One member “Rap Monster” is fluent in English, but the other members are still struggling sometimes. In this edit of one of their “interviews, the group is seen struggling a bit with answering the questions but having a lot of fun in the meantime.
The video was posted on Facebook on the account Bangtan Boys Daily – BTS 방탄소년단 데일리
And we think it’s hilarious. If you want to see more of them there are still more than enough out there for you to watch.

9. Don’t say it” meme

They don’t say it meme is the most relatable and cringy meme spiralling on the internet at the moment. See for yourself.

don't say it

don't say it

don't say it
10. Miss Vanjie

Miss Vanjieeee or Vanessa Vanjie Mateo made an iconic exit on the latest Rupaul’s Drags Race show from this year. Vanessa Vanjie was the first one to leave and she made a huge impact with her Miss Vanjie exit. The meme has helped her push her career to the next level.


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