First blog post of 2019! We wish you all a great 2019, with lots of love, happiness, and positivity.

Therefore, we are dedicating this first blog post of 2019 to a viral online star called Demetrius Harmon who is the perfect embodiment of how these values mentioned (especially positivity) can be used to inspire others all over the world through the internet.

About Demetrius Harmon

Demetrius Harmon is a viral internet sensation who has been around since the time Vine was still around online. He is currently 20 years old (birthday is 1st of March, 1998) and he was born in Michigan, The United States. He got interested in acting in his teens and therefore went online to showcase this through content.

How did it all start?

With his extremely clever and perfectly fit for internet culture type of humor and comedy, he paved his first way to his success through Vine, where he would upload 6-second funny videos that would slowly start to catch the attention of people around the world. It were these hilarious skits and funny reactions to random things that caught the attention and even got him a Shorty Award in 2016 for his Vine content. He moved his content to YouTube when Vine shut down and since then he has also been uploading videos to Twitter that have been getting a lot of content lately.

Videos worth highlighting

The power of his content lies in the fact of completely stripping down what we know of our surroundings and giving it a twist only he could pull off. We might even call him the example of the current internet culture going on, humor that only people that spend some of their time exploring memes understand what’s going on. With him only being 20 years old, it is incredible to see how he knows exactly what his audience would want to see, and otherwise, he will still get them interested in it.

How he’s positively impacting people online

Behind his comedic content that is already making millions of people online smile, he shares a lot about how he’s also actually feeling.  He shows people that even though he might come off as a constant comedian, behind that is a lot of struggle that also deserves to be known since he preaches we can only learn from that. With his broad voice online, he speaks a lot about the possibilities of life, even in the darkest of times. Therefore, we can only admire him.

This viral star is the true example of how you can turn your fame into something so incredibly positive and valuable. With his clothing line, currently hoodies with the text You Matter on it, he shows what kind of person he is. Caring, positive and uplifting.

The fact that he doesn’t hide his actual feelings, is what makes him a true role model. Openly discussing his struggles, which have been suicidal thoughts and self-harm as well as periods of extreme sadness, inspires people online to open up to their surroundings and seek help.

We hope he will continue this path, which seems to be a mix of being a mental health advocate and possibly being the funniest person out there. We definitely hope to hear more from him in the future, which is for sure going to be very bright for him.

Check him out here:




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