Social media these days has grown incredibly, and it has changed the traditional ways of doing marketing. It developed new opportunities such as influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? You probably know a few people who are so called influencers, but what do they exactly do? And an even better question.. how do you become one?

In today’s article we will explain to you a few insights on this topic.

1. Platforms

First of all, as an influencer you are active on a few platforms, 2 is usually ideal. And 4 is the max. You can choose how much time and effort you want to invest based on which platform you choose. Youtube takes more effort, if you like to produce your own videos about your topic this is a good option. But it takes more time than facebook or Instagram, which are mainly pictures and microblogging.

2. Topic/Niche

You should find a topic you are truly interested in. something you want to write about everyday. But also something that your audience would like to know more about. You can try to get some inspiration from other influencers who talk about topics you find interesting, but be careful not to copy them.

4. Micro or macro

There are two different types of influencers. You can already become an influencer with 1000 to 2000 followers on Instagram. Even though you probably always see that influencers are the ones with 10k or more followers. Surprisingly you will have more benefit with being an micro influencer these days. Why? Because businesses choose to work with micro bloggers quicker because they are cheaper so they can invest in multiple micro influencers instead of one macro influencer.

4. Develop a plan

Every sort of campaign or business needs a plan. You need to be consistent with the content you produce. Make a colour scheme and design guidelines for the content you produce, if you post a lot of photos create your own filter in Lightroom for example.

Think about what you want to talk about and make planning. If you have content and a planning for the following few weeks/months you can start posting your content online. If you post once a week people will not notice you, you will need to post multiple days a week, or even everyday. Make your content applicable to trends and events that are happening connected to your topic.

5. Don’t wait and sit still

Don’t expect brands and companies to reach out to you immediately. If you built a name for yourself on your chosen platform you should reach out to brands. Present yourself, show them your content and maybe your first collaborations is born. It’s very important that your contact details are easily to find on your profiles.  

6. How to build your platform?

Being consistent and having great content does not make the magic. You have to generate traffic to your profile. Share your content, comment on other profiles to support others, and to raise attention to your profile. Follow content connected to what you post about, people you are inspired by. Be active!

Keep in mind, the people you want to reach are split in two groups. Your audience you want to provide inspiration and information to, and businesses who should choose you to collaborate with.

Case example:


Daniel wellington emphasizes a lot on influencer marketing over other marketing strategies. They focus a lot on micro influencers but they also step out of their niche, for example they worked with Scuba and Shadow, an account focusing on pets. The micro-influencers got free products and a discount code for their followers to use and attract new customers. Daniel wellington partnered with many influencers within different types of niches, to broaden the range of demographics, including people from outside the fashion niche.

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