Fortnite emotes, what are they?

Fortnite emotes have become just as addictive as the game itself! For the so-called noobs, this is a free multiplayer with the goal to destroy your enemies. Sounds like a pretty solid goal for a multiplayer game right? What is the thrill of the game, other than that you can style your avatar? Fortnite Emotes!  After killing your enemies your character can dance on the body. Yes, it sounds a little bit weird. But it adds humour and it calls for a celebration for the player. Those “emotes” are available in the Item shop, and there is a wide range available.

The emotes:

What we like about the emotes is that they are based off real-life gestures and dance moves. From a simple fist bump and the Brush-the-dust-of-your-shoulders move to the famous “Gangnam Style” dance move. It’s amazing and the internet culture thought so too! What did they do with this? They made it go viral! Huge channels like Buzzfeed and WatchMojo have made video’s of professional dancers doing the different emotes, and video’s about the origin of the emotes. There is even a video of news anchors trying to do the emotes. And of course, also home videos of Fortnite players. We will list a few moves here:


The Floss

If you haven’t seen the floss going viral around the internet you have lived under a rock. It looks more simple than it is, you probably have seen many videos of people doing The Floss or maybe even tried it yourself. 

The Electro Shuffle

secondly, the electro shuffle. The shuffle has become more popular lately with the upcoming of electro music. Besides Fortnite many people have taught themselves the move. Because of the popularity, Fortnite has also adopted the shuffle now as one of their emotes. 

The Robot Move

And of course, the iconic Robot move. This move was created in the 1960’s and popularized when Michael Jackson used the dance when he was performing “dancing machine” with his brothers.

Which one is your favourite?

Even though the emotes don’t add a competitive advantage, they are very appealing, distinctive and make your character more your own personalized character. People love it because it adds an aesthetic to the game which makes it a richer experience. Emotes are one of the many reasons why the game became a huge hype. This in combination with the FOMO effect, where the emotes are available temporary, made Fortnite a guaranteed success story. 

However, If you haven’t played Fortnite yet, you can play it for free on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.


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