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Co-creation is not a trend

Traditional media strategies have been around for years and a lot of companies still apply these methods. But with the media changing and new media platforms popping up on the internet, do companies still reach their target audience with, the more traditional, integrated marketing communications? Integrated marketing communications highlight the Read more…

By Elise van Poppel, ago

The 10 best memes and virals from 2018

Memes have become incredibly important in our current digital environment. But what makes them so special? They have become a way of communicating feelings, attitudes and situations. they are usually very relatable and funny. Therefore, Memes have the ability to create more engagement online. No wonder that more and more businesses Read more…

By Meiya Sweep, ago

The benefits of new media

“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” – Jonah Sachs. Will the traditional marketing strategies still work in 20 years? the rise of new media had changed the advertising and marketing communication planning in general, and integrated marketing communications specifically. This brought complications, but also a Read more…

By Elise van Poppel, ago

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