Yes, it’s almost Halloween!! The scariest holiday of the year and many brands are making use of the frightening event. We picked our favourite Halloween marketing campaigns.

1. When Burger King trolled Mcdonalds.

What is better than an interactive campaign where you troll your rival? Burger king promised a free whopper to the first 500 customers dressed as a clown. The campaign was promoted with the Hashtag #ScaryClownNight with a video with a creepy clown. We think this is a very cool campaign, who doesn’t want a free Whopper?

Check out the video below:

2. M&M’s interactive Ghost stories.

m&m ghost story post

M&M ran an interactive social media campaign during the month leading up to Halloween. Every week there was a ghost story released on social media with 2 alternate endings. The viewers could choose how every episode would end and the week after the story would continue according to the chosen ending from the previous week. However, We think that M&M’s campaign was a great combination of a dynamic story, compelling video’s and interactivity to engage with the audience.

3. Halloween goes Dior

For the make-up fans among us, who might need some make-up inspiration for Halloween this year? With their influencer campaign with Bella Hadid, Dior showed that Halloween is not only about scary costumes and collecting candy. But that there is a very beautiful side to the holiday. The famous supermodel demonstrates how to do the most different and creative make-up creations, especially for Halloween. The make-up tutorials were promoted with the #DiorMakeupHalloween hashtag.

4. Topshop’s Stranger Things experience

Topshop stranger things

Before the release of stranger things season 2, Netflix and Topshop collaborated to create an in-person experience. Topshop transformed their store in London into parts of the setting of Stranger Things. Such as Will Bryer’s hideout, Joyce’s living room and The Hawkins Lab. Besides this, customers could buy Stranger Things merchandise.

5. Fanta’s Snapchat filters

Fanta's halloween filters

As we mentioned before, interactivity is the key to everything! Also, Fanta featured Halloween graphics on their cans and bottles. The QR codes on graphics the cans could unlock Snapchat themed filters. The Fanta sales went up 23% during the Halloween period.

6. Airbnb’s terrifying sleepover

Airbnb catacombes

The finally listed campaign. This one is only for the true diehards. Airbnb organized a contest where two “lucky” people could win the opportunity to stay the Halloween night in the Catacombs in Paris. Yes, it’s that place where 6 million souls are trapped and resting. The participants were asked online why they were brave enough to sleep in the catacombs.

Airbnb catacombs contest

Would you be able to go?


Did we scare you enough? Let us know which of the campaign you will follow this year! Commercial Weekly also did a post about good Halloween Commercials, so be sure to check them out as well!

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